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Tänään napakka 25 minuuttinen tarjolla Kuopion Henkassa about siinä 23:30. Wacken Open Air metal battlen semifinaali. Tulkaahan paikalle!

Maksa mitä jaksat viikko!

Joskus sitä toivoo ostosreissulla, että voisi maksaa haluamistaan tavaroista niin paljon kun itseään kiinnostaa. No nyt on teillä mahdollisuus hommata…
Uudet paidat huomenna painoon

Uudet paidat huomenna painoon

Kaakelihousujen suuresta suosiosta johtuen painatamme kaakelihousut t-paitoja ja nehän lähtevät painoon jo huomenna! Paita kustantaa 20 € ja jos tilaat…


Human Waste Disposal Unit´s musical genre is somewhat unique mixture of alternative rock, post- and groove metal. The band´s music includes raw power and furious energy, distinctive riffs and addictive rhythms, catchy melodies and beautiful harmonies. The vocals are versatile because the band has three singers and the singing style is ranging from harmonic clean vocals to aggressive grunt and hardcore shouting. It is really hard to name bands that have influenced on our style but if we had to pick few, they would be Mastodon, Alice In Chains, Devin Townsend and Meshuggah.

Human Waste Disposal Unit is a Finnish metal band that was established in 2005, first as Matti´s solo project. Later in 2006, Erkka, Erno and Henri joined the band and the current line-up was formed. First Human Waste Disposal Unit was death metal band, but very soon it came clear that the band wanted to do some different kind of music.

During its history the band has released independently couple of demos, two EPs and two full length albums. The newest album called “New Beginning” was released on February this year. The album contains ten songs which were recorded last year at Fantom Studio, in Ylöjärvi. New Beginning is absolutely our best album so far, because we found the musical direction we had looked for since we started playing together.

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